Welcome to the home of the "Poodles with Personality". I'm Linda Caldwell, and I live in the Pittsburgh area with my husband Fred, and our much loved Standard Poodles. I strive to produce the highest quality Standard Poodles possible paying great attention to temperament, health, and beauty while adhering to the breed standard. Our genetic health testing is current and our dogs are socialized from the day they come into our lives. We have ten grandchildren who help greatly in this department.

Our Poodles are our beloved pets. They live in our home, sleep in the bedroom, and often go to work with us. They visit my mother in a nursing home frequently, and are always friendly and outgoing with the staff and residents.

I am the President of the Greater Pittsburgh Poodle Club, and have held this position for the past four years. We are a small but active club, doing two specialties per year along with periodic grooming seminars and Poodle Rescue.

I've had a passion for dogs all of my life. Iíve always had dogs as pets, but it wasnít until my children were grown, educated, and on their own that I was able to jump into the dog world with both feet with the most wonderful of breeds: the Standard Poodle.
Our first Poodle, Pepe, was born in 1998. He's been a wonderful companion and a true love. But, soon I learned that Standard Poodles are like potato chips: you can't have just one! Through my dear friend and groomer, Tammy Simon, I found Linda Blackie of Whisperwind Kennels. In early 2001, we added Joseph, Ch Whisperwind Dream Interpreter, to our lives. A gorgeous white male with a fantastic temperament and a lovely coat, he finished quickly with handler, Terry Farley. I was totally hooked! The day he finished, while the win was thrilling, I was also disappointed that his show career was over. My husband said to me that evening, "Well, I guess we'll have to get another one.Ē Lily, Ch Whisperwind Valley Personality, entered our lives in 2004. Thus, Personality Poodles was born.

I have been ever so fortunate to meet some of the greatest people in the sport. Linda Blackie of Whisperwind has been my mentor, advisor, and most of all a truly wonderful friend. Terry Farley of Farleys D has been only a phone call away with great advice and a helping hand any time I needed him, and Tammy Simon of Town and Country Grooming made it oh so easy for this "newbie" to have show dogs by keeping them in great coat for their careers in the ring. For these unselfish friends, I am forever grateful. Also, I thank my husband, who thought dogs were "outside animals" when we first met many years ago.
Linda Caldwell - Lower Burrell, PA - 724-339-3949 - gr8poodles@att.net

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